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Quick Start Guide

Step 1. Menu Setup


a. Go to “Appearance” > “Menus”.
b. Create a new menu, add pages and links.
c. Check “Navigation Menu” checkbox and save.

Step 2. Install Recommended Plugins


a. Go to “Appearance” > “Install Plugin”.
b. Check “Templatesnext Toolkit” and “Breadcrumb NavXT”.
c. Install and activate.

Step 3. Create And Set A Front Page


a. Create a page, say “Front Page” and save
b. Go to “Settings” > “Reading”
C. Set your newly created page as static front page.
d. Do same for blog if you have one.

Step 4. Add Slider On Front Page


a. Open newly created “Front page” in editor.
b. Check “Show default i-excel slider” to show default slider.
c. For custom slider; Use [tx] > “itrans slider” to generate slider shortcode.
d. Add the shortcode in “Other slider plugin shortcode” meta field.

Step 5. Customize Theme Options


a. Go to “Appearance” > “Customize”.
b. Setup your theme color, logo, layout etc.

For Usage of “Templatesnext Toolkit” check  shortcodes.


i-spirit, Add more power and flexibility to your WooCommerce. 
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123 thoughts on “Tutorial

      1. I am trying to put images in the slider. They are pics of closely cropped jewelry I make. No matter what size I make them, the pic posts way blown up too large and only show a portion of the piece of jewelry. I just don\’t know what I am doing wrong!!! Help.

  1. The background image theme option does not show. Do you have a demo that uses a background image? Does it take transparent pngs?

  2. How do I remove the \”Log In\” menu item from the top navigation menu? It appears that it is added on to the main menu and how do I get rid of it? Thanks.

  3. I have two problems with this theme.
    Website title is appearing twice on browser tab.
    And on individual product page the title of product is not showing properly in mobile version of theme.
    It only shows 14 letters maximun, like for example if i post a product name \”samsung galaxy note 4\” its appearing as \”samsung galaxy\”

  4. I am really confused. can you provide a step by step tutorial on how to set up with homepage with the top categories of this theme.

      1. Product Carousel (WooCommerce) is not working. When I insert [tx_prodscroll type=\"top_rated_products\" ids=\"\" columns=\"5\" items=\"8\"] to my front page, it displays the code [top_rated_products per_page=\"8\" columns=\"5\"] on my real page. I have added sth into the category, but it cannot display anything. What is wrong with it?

  5. Hi there! I was wondering if this tutorial is for the paid version? I ask because in Step 4, you say \”i-excel\” slider, yet mine only says \”i-craft\”. In addition, I do not have the \”tx\” option in the shortcode menu area. Aside from that, all of my settings are exactly the same as what you\’ve shown here. Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    1. the only difference between paid and free version are features, the steps remains same. in premium version (i-excel is free version, i-spirit is premium version) you get 65+ shortcodes, ajax product suggest and search, front end drop-down login, yith add to Favorite and yith add to compare plugin integration many other theme options.

      the [tx] button shows up in visual mode.

  6. Thanks for the good work, I am enjoying your theme – i-crafts, but I wanted to change the dimensions of the slider as some slides are appearing too big compared to others, how can I go about it. I need a full width slider with about 380 or 420 height.


  7. Sir, about product post, how to set the product post just like this site , with price, stars, image product ? is there a post template must i use ? thanks

  8. I can\’t get the slider to appear on the home page.

    I\’ve created a page called \’Home\’ and ticked the box to show the default slider.

    I\’ve been into Appearance>Theme Options and added two slide images both 1200 x 440 px

    All saved and refreshed but nothing appears.

  9. What is the best image sizes for single product and catalogue images on this theme?
    How can i ensure the same image sizes for all the products? Is there any tool/plugin?
    I am uploading an image of higher size but it not getting cropped or fitted into the 200*200 px setting provided by me.
    Please give your expert advice,.

    1. Try inserting larger images with similar proportion lets say 1200×1200, 1600×1600. minimum should be 600×600. if your images are not cropped after upload, check your server for GD Library

  10. Hi,

    I am following these steps however Step 4 \’add slider on front page,\’ when I open my front page I do not have the [tx] option. I have checked I have the correct widget.

    Can you advise what I am doing wrong? Its is all very confusing as the tutorial doesn\’t match what I am seeing.

    All I want to do is add a slider. Why is it so difficult???

  11. I am trying to select a special category of portfolio for special pages. I mean I would like to use the portfolio category XXX in the page XXX and the portfolio category YYY in the page YYY.
    Anyone can help ?


  12. Hello! how to only put itrans Slider in the front page. I check “Show default i-excel slider” in the front page to show default slider but it appears in blog page also. How to fix it?

  13. For the step 1,Create a new menu, add pages and links, what link should I add to the menu. please advise

  14. Hi there! I am new in WordPress. I install the i-max theme, and i am looking the way to add a contact form as the form of your theme.
    Can you please inform me how to do it?
    Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Empty all the fields from

      1. \”Theme Options\” > \”Basic Settings\” > Phone and Mail
      2. \”Theme Options\” > \”Basic Settings\” > \”Social links\”

  15. Great template, thanks. How can i change the language of the topbar call us, mail us? and also the \”read more\” tekst under the portfolio?

      1. Great thanks. Do you know when the next version will be released? and is it possible than to also use categorie filter on the portfolio etc?

  16. Hi!
    Recently installed the i-max theme, I must say it is an excellent theme , I love it.
    In the i-max theme, how can I add the \” category \” widget on a single page.
    Thanks for your answer!

  17. Hi..

    I am using i-craft theme for my e-commerce website

    When we open shop products on mobile then 4 products show in one line.
    show every thing is mike-up condition.
    before site show 2 products in one line on mobile mode.
    please confirm how to solve this issue.

  18. Sorry!!!

    The i-craft theme I like very much!


    How long is the i-craft still supporting with updates?


  19. Hey Guys, I\’m really enjoying this theme. I was wondering if there is anyway to change the slides from the default 4 to say 6?

  20. hi, i am having a problem with static page and latest posts. I can\’t make them on the same front page. Could you please suggest me?

      1. Thank you for quick response. However, it didn\’t work yet. Let me explain what I did. I created \”Home\” page and \”Posts\” page. I go to Reading and chose a static page option and selected \”Home\” as Front page and \”Posts\” as Posts page. Unfortunately, it shows only Home page. I didn\’t see recent posts. Thanks in advance for helping.

        1. Use the [tx] Post shortcode in the page ex: [tx_blog items=\"12\" columns=\"3\" showcat=\"show\" category_id=\"\" show_pagination=\"yes\" carousel=\"no\"]

  21. Hey Guys, I’m really enjoying this theme. I was wondering if there is anyway to change the spaces between the fields in form contact 7 widget área just like you

    1. Remove the p tags from the form code or add additional css to reduce the spaces in \”Appearance\” > \”Customize\” > \”Layout Options\” > \”Additional Style\”

  22. I am new in wordpress, please help me to display product in grid view (5row and 4 column). i am using icraft theam. one option is their \’scrol-type\’ but it show produt in single row and 4 column. I want to display product in multi row and multi column.

    please help me.

  23. What is the best way to remove the notice of the missing breadcrumb plugin?

    I don\’t want to use the breadcrumb, but I keep getting the notice. I can\’t seem to turn it of in my child theme using the functions.

      1. Hi,

        I know it\’s just for admins. But I don\’t want to have it visible at all. Is there no option to remove it, without having to actually alter the theme itself (what I prefer not to do).

  24. I see the title bar at the bottom of the page with the text \”i-spirit, Add more power and flexibility to your WooCommerce. \” and a button in it. How do I activate this bar? Can\’t seem to find how to set the title anywhere so it will be displayed.

      1. I\’ve just followed you instructions but there is no \”infinite scroll\” option under “Appearance” > “Customize” > “WooCommerce”

          1. Hi

            I\’ve updated the theme and woo commerce to the latest version and the \”infinite scroll\” option is still not there. Please assist.

        1. I\’m still waiting on a response. I can not find any “infinite scroll” option under “Appearance” > “Customize” > “WooCommerce” – Please send screen shot

          1. Ok…I\’ve updtated to the latest version of the theme and latest version of woo commerce….it is not there. Please help.

  25. New to word press, i installed i-craft, but i don\’t see the social links at the top right corner unlike version 1.8, 2.0.0 does not SHOW social inks. Please help me fix.

    1. It is there, same like old versions, make sure you have the social link fields are filled in at \”appearance\” – \”customise\” – \”social links\”

  26. On the products page original price is not striked off to highlight discounted new sale price .
    Search box is not working properly..
    it displays product image, name and short description without price and is not linked to individual product page either

    1. You probably have turned off product Search option from customizer. The search results in normal case would show everything together including pages and posts.

  27. Hi , i have little trouble with widget area. Im adding price filter widget but that not showing up on sidebar (tested on footer and not working either). WordPress and Woo versions are latest. Not using any extra plugins only Woo and TemplatesNext ToolKit have turned TemplatesNext ToolKit off and still same.

    1. Recently there have been multiple update in WooCommerce, we are not sure what all changes they did in core functionality, the widget is part of the WooCommerce package,
      our theme or plugin does not manipulate any core functionality. Check if you are inserting the price correctly, only numbers and all in correct field.

    1. It is in footer.php
      use a child theme to modify it, child theme download link can be found on the demo front page

  28. what is the difference in the slider that appears in customize and the itrans slider provided with I-craft theme.

  29. Hi,
    do I have the option to switch the mobile menue from the left side to the right side?
    Thank you

    1. Not yet but next version will have much better mobile menu with option to set it left or top or right

    1. Your images are stressed vertically, ideal image size would be 1200×1200, you can set your sizes in menu \”WooCommerce\” > \”Settings\” > \”Products\” > \”Display\” > \”Single product image\”
      which is by default cropped to 600×600, since your images are portraits, they are being stressed

    1. For i-trans slider you have option for url bellow the page editor and for default slider the option is in customize > slider

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