Devider is a simple shortcode to create vertical divider and margin between contents. Currently it has only default style, we will add more styles in upcoming version.

It looks like :

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla in eros vel ligula pulvinar vehicula a non ipsum. Morbi finibus, erat vitae condimentum tempus, velit tellus dignissim sem, sed pellentesque nulla nisl aliquam magna.

Integer mollis quis libero sit amet iaculis. Maecenas aliquet volutpat massa, posuere vestibulum est scelerisque id. Vivamus tempus dictum placerat. Aenean fringilla, sem ut aliquam condimentum, ex odio facilisis leo, ac pulvinar leo metus at erat. Aliquam at nisl eu nulla mollis porttitor.

The code will look like

[tx_divider size="24"]

The above code will create a thin horizontal line with 24px on top and 24px bellow it.

2 thoughts on “Divider

  1. There is little problem in this theme, actually I was using this theme for my website so i noticed that In the menu section there is \”Log In\” option and while clicking on that it take us to the wordpress admin login page which is not good for our website visitor and I personally think it should take them to the \”My Account\” page to login there account or register if they are new.

    Can you please suggest me how can i correct this or can you guys correct from your side and give us updated version of this theme I-Craft to update in our wordpress.

    1. you can turn off the default i-craft login menu from customizer > woocommerce options and add a new menu item with link to your account page

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