Mr Mathew Daniel
Managing Member: Sales & Marketing
Kentucky Robin cc

Kentucky Robin Supply and Delivery cc as a brand, it has its goals and target within the market it operates. Before the inception, we had seen the need in the market, a need that needed a unique way to satisfying. We know there are a dozen of traders in the industry, offering an in-close similarity goods and services as Kentucky, but we at Kentucky has 
drawn a line to differentiate our methods from the rest. Our products are unified by various methods such as, pricing, delivering channels, lead time and customer services.

1. Price - We believe in services and not price, hence we don’t sell         goods but the service which accompany with the goods, it's how we service our clients that what they pay for.
2. Delivery channel - Our value to customer includes delivering an intact goods and warranty replace of any damage in transit.
3. Lead Time – Take you back, our customers pay for service and not for goods, we are committed on minimizing the lead time and delivering on promise.
4. Customer Service – It’s our duties and responsible to make sure that our customers understand our products before sale and after sale, hence a twoway communication is virtual to us and we have the system in place to make sure our customers can request the transact for references.

As the head of Sales and Marketing at Kentucky Robin Supply and Delivery cc I take this moment to welcome you on board, and please know that we are here for you, you are the reason why we wake up every morning and satisfying your needs is our priority.